Services and Pricing

Our professional writers will review, revise, and rebuild your resume through our collaborative and consultative process. We also offer professional services to refresh your LinkedIn profile, write effective cover letters, and tailor your job search. Consultation services are available for academic / career advisement, interview support, and career transitions.

Resumes – It’s What We Do Best and It’s the Foundation of Getting You Routed, Interviewed, and Hired 

Entry Level Resume: $199 btn_cart_SM
Perfect for college students, recent graduates, and employees with less than 1-3 years of professional work experience. You don’t need an extensive work history to show how you can deliver value. Our professional consultants and writers will build a resume that encompasses your academic, personal, and professional accomplishments and experiences.

Professional Resume: $299 btn_cart_SM
Ideal for employees with 3+ years of professional work experience, whether at the individual contributor or manager level. The key at this level is to market your accomplishments in a clear, concise manner. Your resume has less than 30 seconds to be seen and that’s only if you get past the automated applicant tracking system. Different jobs call for different strategies here. Our writers know which techniques work best depending on your experience, skill mix, and career objectives. We’ll refresh and rebuild your resume to highlight your unique value proposition. Common titles / levels include specialist, professional, analyst, manager, level I, level II, senior, and principal.

Executive Resume: $499 btn_cart_SM
With 10+ years of experience, your resume has to be all about getting things done. Your accomplishments are what matters at this level and relating those accomplishments to your next role is critical. Human resource professionals and hiring managers want to know not only what you’ve done, but how that experience will transfer into their organization. This is especially critical if you’re looking to change industries or make the next vertical move. Common levels include director, vice president, president, or officer.

Military Resume: $299 
Correctly translating and highlighting your military background can lead to career opportunities that may not otherwise be available. Human resource professionals and hiring managers don’t know military terminology and certainly don’t understand how your experience relates to their business. Our consultative process helps you outline your experience in the language of corporate / civilian life.

Curriculum Vitae: $299
Applying to graduate school and/or college / university positions requires a uniquely robust CV that showcases your education, work experience, and research / project work. You aren’t just a potential student or employee, you’re a long-term resource that serves as a teacher, researcher, writer, presenter, and student—regardless of whether you’re enrolling in graduate school or reviewing a dissertation. Your education, publications, presentations, research, and interests matter just as much as your work experience. We’ll highlight your achievements and contributions to illustrate why you’re the best candidate for the role.

Additional Services

Cover Letter: $59*
We don’t put too much faith in cover letters anymore. Systems don’t care much about them and recruiters don’t have time to read them. We’ve seen a downward trend away from these career marketing tools. However, some employers and HR professionals find great value in cover letters. In any case, it never hurts to have a concisely written cover letter to highlight exactly why you’re the best person for the job. If you find yourself applying for jobs by email, then the cover letter is a must. Resumes sent by email should be accompanied by a short, well-written cover letter in the body of the email to move your name to the top of the shortlist.
*Resume service required for purchase

LinkedIn Profile: $99*
A LinkedIn profile that disputes or conflicts with your resume is a red flag to many human resource professionals. Titles, dates, and details that don’t match up can spell trouble for your career inspirations. However, building an effective LinkedIn profile isn’t just about mirroring your resume. LinkedIn is about building your network, groups, memberships, and interests. It also allows to expand on your resume. You’re not limited in time or space on LinkedIn. Your profile is a virtual resume and it’s searchable. We’ll show you how to build a profile that gets your profile more views and your resume more consideration with employers.
*Resume service required for purchase

Interview Consultation: $99/hour
Nothing beats our interview consultation services for that critical time after you’ve landed the interview. We’ll help you succeed in the interview by developing your elevator pitch, accomplishment statements, and tweaking your interview skills. You’ll need to be prepared to give clear, concise, and consistent answers whether you’re preparing for a phone interview or am on-site visit. Many interviewers will use highly structured, competency or performance based interviewing techniques. Knowing how responses should be structured is key to acing these interviews. We’ll help you to craft stories that highlight your past accomplishments (and failures) in detailed, interviewer friendly sequencing. Many interviews and jobs are forfeited by the best skilled and most qualified candidates when they fail to sell themselves in the interview. Don’t let a great interviewer—but otherwise less qualified candidate—land the job simply because you think your skills and experiences should speak for themselves. In this job market, selling yourself in the interview is a job seeker’s most valuable skill. 

Academic / Career Advisement: $79/hour
Intended for college students and entry-level professionals, this consultation service will help set you on the right track early in your career. We’ll evaluate your education, experience, and career goals to help you set a path for success. Many high schools and colleges simply don’t have adequate or informed career advisement centers. Others are too focused on the local market and don’t allow you to explore national and global opportunities. We’ll can even help with course selection and sequencing, advice on choosing a minor or major, and with employment decisions.